2020 Inductees

Alice S. Abbott

Bunnell, FL

Video Biography

Alice Scott Abbott, formerly of Bunnell, was born in Illinois in 1856, Alice Scott Abbott was “a woman of great ability”. She delivered the “first lecture on Votes For Women” at an 1893 state convention held in St. Augustine. A national and state organizer and lecturer for the…

Vero Beach, FL

Video Biography

Alma Lee Loy formerly of Vero Beach, was a role model dedicated to women’s achievements and success and paved the way for women to succeed in male-dominated roles. Appointed in 1964 by Governor C. Farris Bryant as a charter member of the Florida

Indiantown, FL

Video Biography

E. Thelma Waters of Indiantown, FL is a tireless advocate for women, children, migrant laborers, and her hometown of Indiantown.  From her very first job, Thelma began a decades-long mission of caring and advocating for others, particularly women…

Women’s Hall of Fame Inductees